Monday, 15 January 2007

Finding right position key for employees with ADHD

The following article gives an insight into the adult adhd experience at work, sometimes confusing, sometimes frustrating - where a person can be trying as hard as possible but still comes across as 'lazy' or 'unmotivated'. It can be very depressing.

January 12, 2007: Andrea Kay in the Mississippi Clarion Ledger

"I've got ADD," Daniel told me, when he called to talk about his career. "I need help, but I've got ADD," he repeated. He must have told me 10 times. He's not the only one. There was Janice and Jane and Mark and others. And they insist they have problems in their careers because of their condition. Odds are, they're right. They are referring to attention-deficit (hyperactivity) disorder (ADHD), a developmental condition that affects brain functioning and causes problems with attention, impulsivity and hyperactivity, explains Eve Smukler, a
Los Angeles psychotherapist and coach with a focus on ADHD.
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