Sunday, 10 December 2006

End of year wrap up 2006

Well another year passes! It has been a busy year:

  • started another degree and passed the first year in spite of 'just in time' essay techniques

  • achieved my New Year resolution for 2006 - managed to tidy up my study ( and it only took 11 months to get there)

  • worked way too much and spent too little time with family and friends (looks like a New Year resolution evolving here)

  • had a good year at work, achieved targets in spite of evil & malicious co-workers and lack of funding (why do people have to bring their psychoses to work?)

  • managed to be more organised than ever before - not sure how that happened but getting an assistant at work could explain it?

  • planning my annual vacation for February - this keeps me sane for the rest of the year
Altogether another busy year. Must say having meds to call upon has really helped. I try not to take them all the time, but when things get busy I really need the help to focus.

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Jacq said...

I am truly thankful for my meds. I don't know how I got my undergrad without them (or stayed employed, for that matter)! Having them has raised my GPA by 1.2 points though.

I don't take them all the time either but when I feel that, I just can't focus, fuzzy, restless feeling, I know it is time for my meds.