Sunday, 4 February 2007

Article: Attention Deficit Disorder--Conceptions and Misconceptions

This article by Moss David Posner M.D. (February 3, 2007) has some really thought provoking ideas about adhd, definitely worth a read:

"It seems that every day we open the newspaper or go online we see another article about Attention Deficit Disorder[i]. The subjects and titles of the articles vary from condemnation of the very notion of the existence of such an entity, to “natural” treatments for the problem, to warnings of dire consequences ranging from insanity to addiction with the use of medications, to attacks on “the drug companies” as having created the notion in the first place, to congratulations to those who are blessed with the “gift” of the disorder, and to treatments, from medications, to meditation, to physical therapies, hypnosis, and prayer ... [read more]

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Jacq said...

Good article. I think that the emphasis on treatment to prevent dire outcomes is important.

While I didn't end up in prison or anything, I probably would have made it a lot farther in my career by this point if I had been diagnosed at an earlier age (I was diagnosed as an adult). My ADHD is not terribly severe but I can see a huge difference now with having the option of meds when I need them and knowing coping strategies.