Sunday, 5 November 2006

Take A Walk To Boost Your Energy

No more excuses about not exercising, as per this article:

"Take A Walk To Boost Your Energy - MediaIndia 4 Nov 2006

A walk may boost your energy and help fight fatigue if you are feeling tired, suggests a new study. Patrick O'Connor and colleagues at the University of Georgia analysed 70 studies on exercise and fatigue involving more than 6,800 people, reported the online edition of health Magazine WebMD. More than 90 percent of the studies showed the same thing - sedentary people who completed a regular exercise programme reported improvement in fatigue levels compared to groups that did not exercise. "It's a very consistent effect. The results show that regular exercise increases energy and reduces fatigue," said the study published in the Psychological Bulletin. "
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Jacq said...

Funny Pru but I just was saying in my blog that I feel tired all the time lately and I think it is because I stopped exercising. I stopped because I was too sick but now I'm feeling better and I really need to get back to it.

Anonymous said...

i think it would just fire up my anxiety. you see im with adhd too and have complexion of depression, anxiety, and i dont know what else could be. i've gotta meet 2 psychiatrists and never learned anything from them. i self-ducated myself thru books and internet. my first psychiatrist said "it's just hypertension." and another and latest said, "it'll be gone." whaa?? i never trust psychiatrist anymore. i'm so full of negative point of view and brighter insight at the same time. my father is actually the master of ignorance in the house and for educated-enough people it is clear that he has the adhd trigger. and he thinks i'm just a crazy, you know, like lunatic undressed beggar on the streets, of course he didnt say it literally. i actually think that he's so funny. you can't hurt his feeling by telling the truth because he wont learn anything and only listen to himself. so much like an annoying little kid. and so high self-esteem. im the only child in a so-called suburbia family. i ruined two colleges and now im an unemployed 22 yo fat guy. i know it's kinda abvious that i commented here. i just thought that you may a lil' bit understand what im trying to tell with my clumsy english here. life is hard when you're with adhd and live in indonesia. the people are super ignorant and still i realize i can't blame anyone. it's just hard. im sorry for spamming on your blog. i just felt that i need to tell somebody. thnx.

Pru said...

Hey Max - selamat datang (that's all the Bahasa Indonesia I know)- hang in there, you're not alone. You can change your own life even in Indonesia & even with adhd. Just one day, one step at a time. Be brave. I wish you every blessing.